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    The sheer volume of data generated on a daily basis in the BFSI industry has necessitated the adoption of a holistic data monitoring, gathering, and analysis solutions. Some of the key challenges that the BFSI sector currently faces include fraud identification, unorganized data, and operational inefficiency.  The inclusion of big data technology and services has […]

  • Making sense of bitcoin and blockchain technology: PwC

    Making sense of bitcoin and blockchain technology: PwC China Central Bank banned the handling of Bitcoins by financial institutions in China in early 2014. By June 2021, cryptocurrency had begun to be offered by some wealth managers in the US for 401s.crypto signals Cryptocurrency legal and tax issues In March 2018, the word cryptocurrency was […]

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    The economical benefits of partnering with a Managed Service Provider are many. From alleviating the need for full time staff, temp help and disaster recovery, to less down time, more economical vendor pricing and more streamlined and efficient operational procedures. If you are an IT Manager and are ready to discuss your IT Solutions with […]

  • 6 Tips On How To Behave On Your First-Time In A Casino

    Every gaming session is different in its own way, and the games you enjoy like Blackjack, Video Poker or online slot machines, may not generate the revenue you’re hoping for. Online casinos that are legitimate have licenses and are subject to the regulation and supervision by the government entities who regulate gambling online. The information must be […]